Clay pots ~ French Pink Clay
Clay pots ~ French Pink Clay

Clay pots ~ French Pink Clay

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This Frech Pink Clay is one of the most popular clays we sell. I think there is something about the beautiful colour of it ! 

This one is great for balancing stressed and sensitive skin types. It is also good for mature, normal and combination skins. 

To use blend a half to full teaspoon of clay with a fluid of your choice. Mix enough fluid to make a paste.  Fluids can be yoghurt, avacado, rosewater, any sort of milk or just water. Get creative and mix yourself something that feels right for your skin ! 

Apply your mask to a clean face then let it dry for up to ten minutes. Remove the mask with a warm washer, rinse with warm water then moisterise as usual. 

Your skin will feel so soft ! 

The clays work by drawing out impurities and at the same time they work to remineralise your skin.