Natural Deodorant ~ Fragonia

Natural Deodorant ~ Fragonia

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Beautiful Batches Fragonia natural deodorant is full of natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties!

Natural deodorant will not block your pores like antiperspirants do,  so you will still sweat and this is perfectly healthy ! The simple ingredients in our deodorants help to neutralise the bacteria on your skin that cause odour (on contact with your sweat) .

Our deodorants are handmade in small batches and bottled in amber glass jars that can be recycled. We source the best raw and organic ingredients we can find.They are also vegan friendly and not tested on animals (just family and friends) 

Ingredients : raw shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic tapiaco powder,  aluminium free bi carb soda and fragonia essential oil.

Fragonia is a beautiful  essential oil grown in southern Western Australia it has a  floral/ tea tree aroma. It has calming and uplifting properties.