Balm ~ Dandelion Salve

Balm ~ Dandelion Salve

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Dandelions make me smile ! My garden is full of them, most people are pulling them out but we plant them ! 

This little plant has so many uses. The leaves are great in salads and are so good for you. The root can be used to make a coffee substitute and the flower used to make skin healing oils and balms. 

We harvest the dandelion flowers and dry them out over a few days . Once dried we add them to cold pressed Australian olive oil and infuse them for six weeks. The oil is then strained and blended with local beeswax. This creates a simple yet potent balm that is great to use on skin irritations and muscular or joint aches and pains. 

I also use this salve as a lip balm, for chaffing , wind burn and as a gentle salve on my children and grandchildren for any little bite or cut.

50 grams

please patch test before use